Complete Axle Repair Service

Southeast Axle Repair is here for any spindle repair that you might need. Either on the road or at your location – without removing housing. Whether it be a oil seal surface leak or routine bearing journal wear,  we are here for you. Owner operators, trucking companies and dealers have trusted us for years. Let us help you with your trailer axles, drive axles, steering axles and more.

What makes us different?

Superior service when you need it most!

Most repairs are completed within 24 hours of the call, allowing you to get your truck back on the road quickly. Our new spindle can be installed in approximately 2 1/2 hours!

We offer axle repairs on 3/4-ton and up whenever you need, wherever you may be…we come to you!

Southeast Axle Repair can service your bus, trailer, truck or motor home.

Our work is trusted and we are fully insured.


• Our axle replacement system saves you time and time is money
• Our replacement system is a fraction of the cost of a complete axle exchange
• Quick service
• No need to remove axle
• We come to you
• 24/7 service

What can we repair?
• 3/4-ton Trucks
• Heavy duty trucks
• Trailers
• Motorhomes
• Buses and more

Your axle failure meets our proven work experience.



Don't let a damaged axle slow you down.

Call 855-438-2953 for a quote today!